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        About us

        Tild Electronics Co., Ltd. is a group communication accessories development, production and sales of integrated large-scale mobile communications accessories manufacturing companies. Product variety complete, stable quality, high capacity, long life, long standby time, safe, reliable and stable performance characteristics.


        The company gather a group of technical experts with rich experience, excellent business management and sales

        ersonnel, establish a sound R & D system, marketing network system and service system, established in the field of competitive advantage. From raw material purchasing to production process quality control are strictly in accordance with IS09001 modern enterprise management system,And passed the IS09001 international certification, FCC / CE certification, the company in product quality, strict compliance with international norms.


        With the company's business continued to grow, in order to satisfy customer needs, improve the service system and efforts to expand overseas markets, days have power over the company established the Hong Kong office - day-Ling Electronics Technology (HK) Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanzhou Branch , Guangzhou Branch, Kunming Branch, Shanxi Taiyuan branch, Shenzhen Corporation. Days up to the highest power efficiency (speed) to follow the footsteps of changes in the market, to maximize meet customer demand is up to the company's belief that power days. Shenzhen-based sales and service system for the layout of the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong as a window, open overseas markets, and strive to create a world-class playing well-known brand companies.